Why Us? We are Forward Thinking
For Our Clients


We are dedicated to providing legal services that meet the needs and expectations of today’s consumer. Our philosophy is simple: we provide straightforward pricing, responsive communication, and effective legal representation in order to keep our clients happy.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

We are small, and we like it that way.  We have no towering mahogany desks nor intercom systems that resemble spaceships– instead we focus on providing our clients with personalized, cost-effective service.  We may not be a white-shoe Manhattan firm, but when you call our office you will speak directly to an attorney who will work with you through your entire process.

21st Century Service

The practice of law is steeped in tradition, but sometimes traditions can be, well, enhanced.  We know your time is valuable, and we believe in optimizing client accessibility and communication by making full use of the technology available to us.  When you hire us, you will receive a client ID that will enable you to login to our system and check the status of your case, as well as review related documents.  Of course, you can always give us a call or stop by the office for an update as well!

Invested in Our Community

We are excited to be a part of this thriving New York City neighborhood and the surrounding areas and look forward to contributing to its growth.  We have no trouble finding common ground with our clients because much like them, we are personally invested in this community.